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Qubed for the Xbox 360 is jammed packed with three award winning masterpieces in one exclusive package for a stunningly unique audiovisual experience. The three games are a legendary action-shooter game called  Rez HD, a grand  puzzler game called Lumines Live!, and an all around trippy, trancy and  gorgeous game called E4 ( Every Extend Extra Extreme). Get all three of these amazing titles for the Xbox 360 in one uniquely packaged gaming experience.

-Play Qubed on Xbox Live with full support
-Lumines Live! has 12 skins with more available via additional premium content which has been included with the game
-Rez HD has five very unique modes of play - Traveling Rez, Arcade play mode, Score attack mode, Beyond mode and Secret mode
-E4 has several modes for every level of gamer
-You get all three games packaged in a low priced bundle for the Xbox 360

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Qubed Xbox 360
Qubed Xbox 360
Qubed Xbox 360
Qubed Xbox 360
Qubed Xbox 360
Qubed Xbox 360
Qubed Xbox 360
Qubed Xbox 360

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Cheat Code Central- 4.7/5

Digital Chumps- 9/10

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