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Vtech Educational Games

Here you can find, review, and compare the best educational kids games from Vtech, as chosen by our readers and editors.

Offering a wide line of affordable educational games, Vtech has a game for every skill set and skill level for young children. Immerse your child in games to challenge them in math, history, reading, science, and much more, all while letting them have fun and enjoy the learning process.

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Vtech - InnoTab Interactive Learning Tablet


You will find that the VTech InnoTab is very similar to Mom and Dad's favorite touch pad device, and your kids are gonna love  it. The Tablet will take your kids learning to the next level  with one of the most popular technologies on the market today. The multimedia VTech kids tablet combines learning games, creative activities, interactive reading and interactive tools in a very durable and flashy educational toy. Your child will love the highly visible 5-inch touch screen and sensitive tilt sensor, your kids ages 4  - 9  can drag, touch, flick their way to an educational good time and might not even know they are learning.

Vtech - InnoTab Software - Dora The Explorer

Vtech - InnoTab Software - Dora The Explorer is designed to assist your child in learning three needed skills such matching, Spanish and logic. The games are all played on the InnoTab by using the tilt sensor or sensitive color touch screen. Your kids will read along with Dora, Boot and the rest of their friends attempting to solve problems. The game comes with a kid-friendly pop-up dictionary which helps build vocabulary skills. There are other games that help reinforce skills such as letters,shapes and counting. All activity and progress can be saved via the InnoTab's on board memory or on an SD card. Your kids will love learning new words, sounds and shapes with Dora.

Vtech - InnoTab Software - SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob SquarePants for the Vtech InnoTab is a great way for your kids to learn mathmatic, reading and logic skills. SpongeBob is on a mission to be the best fry cook that has ever worked at the Krusty Crab and will teach valuable learning skills along the way. Players can create along with SpongeBob and Patrick and then save the creation for viewing later. You can also play three exciting educational games using the tilt sensor and enjoy fun animations, voices and whimsical sounds. Players can help SpongeBob build a never before seen Krabby Patty in fun music videos and then save them so that friends and family can view them later. The learning possibilities are endless with SpongeBob and the whole Bikini Bottom crew.

Vtech - MobiGo Software - NASCAR

Kids get ready to race! You will race against up to 42 other vehicles through 8 different races in this fast paced learning game by Vtech MobiGo. Players will build many needed preschool skills in math, counting and difficult letter recognition. Racing glory and the checkered flag is within your grasp with Nascar : The Champions Tour designed for the Vtech MobiGo.

Vtech - MobiGo Touch Learning System
  • Enjoy a handheld gaming device that is fun for kids ages 3 to 8.
  • Touch screen technology teaches kids a new to enjoy their favorite games
  • Also includes a nice slide-out QWERTY keyboard which is  perfect for kids
  • Designed to be rough, fun and colorful

Vtech - V.Reader/MobiGo - Car Charger

The  Vtech - V.Reader/MobiGo  Car Charger is an easy way to supply power to your V.Reader or MobiGo learning device. You will love being able to keep the learning fun going on long car trips, errands anytime that you just forgot to give the device a full charge. The learning doesn't have to stop just because you are on the go.

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