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Rayman 3D - 3DS

Rayman is back and is out to stop those mean mechanical pirates led by Razorbeard and free everyone they have enslaved. Rayman must solve the mystery of where the four magical masks have been hidden and get all four pieced united again. He will only be able to stop the mechanical pirates with the help of the sleeping god that can be awakened by the united masks. Rayman will findĀ  tons of adventure along the way as he finds lums, frees creatures who have been enslaved by the evil pirates and even runs into old friends.

  • Adaptation of previous Rayman title with new controls and in stunning 3D
  • Travel across 45 areas in more than 10 regions of the Rayman Universe
  • Stop those mean mechanical pirates before everyone is enslaved by them
  • Find four magical masks that form a single giant mask that awakens a sleeping god

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Rayman 3D - 3DS
Rayman 3D - 3DS
Rayman 3D - 3DS
Rayman 3D - 3DS
Rayman 3D - 3DS
Rayman 3D - 3DS

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IGN - 5.5 / 10

Gamespot - 7 / 10

Gamesradar - 7 / 10

Nintendo Life - 7 / 10

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