Cubic Ninja 3DS

Cubic Ninja 3DS

Cubic Ninja on the Nintendo 3DS allows you to play an entire game without ever touching a button. You will need to turn and tilt your 3DS to move Cubic Ninja and solve a series of ever increasingly harder puzzles. As Cubic Ninja, you will use all of your tilting and turning skills to out maneuver and outwit enemies and avoid being trapped by them. You will be playing the game as CC, who is a cute but brave little ninja that is shaped like a cube. Your missing is to save your princess  from her abductors. You will brave any environment from raging water or dizzying heights to complete your mission to save the princess, because you are the brave Cubic Ninja!



  • You do not need to use buttons to play Cubic Ninja
  • Unleash the full power of your ninja skills and save the princess
  • Learn how to master your Ninjutsu skills for maximum power
  • Challenge your friends to beat your best times
  • You can even create your own levels  and share them with the world
  • Over 100 exciting levels

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Cubic Ninja 3DS
Cubic Ninja 3DS
Cubic Ninja 3DS
Cubic Ninja 3DS
Cubic Ninja 3DS
Cubic Ninja 3DS

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IGN- 5.5/10

Game Vortex- 70/100

Game Spot- 5.5/10

Cubed3- 6/10

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