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Nintendo 3DS Educational Games

Here you can find, review, and compare the best educational kids Nintendo 3DS games as chosen by our readers and editors.

Take your gaming and educational experience into the next dimension with the Nintendo 3DS. Using advanced technology, 3DS is capable of creating 3-D effects without the use of glasses or other accessories. Full backward compatible with existing Nintendo DS games, the 3DS allows users to experience their games and content like never before. Learning will never be as fun and as easy then on the 3DS. Make history and stories come alive with vibrant 3-D worlds. Fully mobile, the 3DS allows kids to take their favorite educational software anyplace that they go. Utilize the vast amount of existing DS games to maximize the learning, and educational software currently available. With so many choices, the Nintendo 3DS is sure to impress in every aspect of technology and education.

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50 Classic Games 3DS

50 Classic Games for Nintendo 3DS is a massive collection of classic games re-imagined in fabulous 3D. There are games from sports challenges, chess, puzzles and casino games to name a few. You will marvel at the eye-popping graphics and interactive gameplay as you play your favorite classics. You will soon be spending many hours playing everything from Blackjack to Battleship.

Animal Crossing 3DS

Animal Crossing 3DS is the new, soon to be released, continuation of the Animal Crossing series by Nintendo.  The game lets you play a character from a rural village populated by walking and talking animals. The paths you take and the adventures you will have, are all up to you. You are in for a world of cute animal fun no matter what path you take in Animal Crossing for the 3DS.

Arcade 3D Nintendo 3DS

Get ready for some action packed classics that have been updated for for the special functionalities of the Nintendo 3DS. You can now experience arcade classics such as skeet-ball,  hoops and even archery in fabulous 3D, and whenever you want. You can keep the carnival fun going 24/7 by challenging the world at skeet-ball or your best friend at ring toss.  You will have non-stop carnival fun with Arcade 3D for the Nintendo 3DS no matter which game you choose.

Asphalt 3D - 3DS

Asphalt 3D is a fast paced racing game for the 3DS that lets you choose from 40 different vehicles to race with. You can choose regular racing or really amp it up with a wide variety of mini-games and much more . Players can choose from vehicles such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Ducati and Audi plus many different types of motorcycles. You also get to choose from over 15 classic racing destinations from around the world including Cape Town, LA, Tokyo and Rio De Janeiro. Asphalt 3D allows up to 6 player to compete at the same time locally or globally with Nintendo StreetPass, start your engines.

Balloon POP 2 3DS

Get ready for some fast-paced and explosive bubble popping fun with Bubble Pop 2 for the Nintendo 3DS! You will need to pop, draw and match as many bubbles as quickly as you can without making any mistakes. Set off giant electrifying bubble combos and unlock secret items as you take a wonderful journey through different calendar holidays and seasons. If you want to take a break from blowing up bubbles, you can play 4 exciting mini-games that keeps the keeps the good times rolling.

Bit.Trip Saga 3DS



Bit.Trip Saga for the Nintendo 3DS is composed of six games from the series that was originally developed to be released as WiiWare. You will love the unique blend of classic 8-bit gameplay and retro arcade action along with many modern gaming elements. You can now take this compellation of award winning games on the go and play whenever you want with the 3DS. You will experience a wide variety of gameplay mechanics, retro style gaming soundtracks, challenging in-game guests and rhythm-based  gameplay. You will be amazed as eye-popping 3D levels and sensitive controls guide you through this retro gaming experience.

Boulder Dash-XL 3D Nintendo 3DS

Boulder Dash-XLT for the Nintendo 3DS is an updated version of a tricky and dexterity based puzzle game that was originally played in the 1980s. The game is generally recognized as one of the best-loved retro computer style games in history, now it will be in the palm of your hands.  You will have to make your way through a wide variety of obstacles, hazards, creatures and environments as you collect diamonds and advance to the next levels. The boulder moving fun keeps on going through many giant levels and several different worlds.

Brunswick Pro Bowling 3DS

Brunswick Pro Bowling for the Nintendo 3DS gives you an authentic bowling experience that can be kept in your pocket. You get to choose from over 5 different lanes that each have its own unique challenging characteristics. There are also 5 different game play modes that add to the rolling excitement. You can choose from Spares Challenge, Online League, Exhibition and many more. You  will need all of the practice that you can get because there are several trophies up for grabs and the World Championship Tournament could be in your future.

Bust-a-Move Universe 3DS

Classic bubble bursting fun! All  you need to do is clear three or more bubbles that are of the same color and they will be removed from the screen. There are many new challenging levels of bubble popping fun awaiting you with Bust-a-Move Universe for the Nintendo 3DS. You would have never thought that you could have so much fun bursting bubbles, as you take on dozens of levels across a vast bubble universe. Keep on busting those bubbles, in amazing 3D!

Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic 3DS

Cooking Mama has been cooking it up for years on the DS and is now moving her kitchen  on over to  the 3DS. She will present new recipes and new ways to cook in a new 3D environment that has never been seen before. Marvel as Mama transforms rookie kitchen cooks into master chefs.

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