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The Nintendo DS is a great platform for playing video games. It's portable, easy to use, and has a wide variety of games to choose from. This makes it the perfect choice for both adults and children. Making one of the best DS games for kids is no easy task. It will have to be a game that provides educational value, is fun, engaging, and also easy to use. Kids DS games that can achieve all of these criteria can certainly be labeled as some of the best choices a parent can make for their child. The staff at Educational Gaming Reviews has tried to compile a list of games that we feel meet these criteria. Any of the games listed below would be an excellent choice for your child. Take a look at the games below, and give them a try if you already haven't, we strongly recommend all of them as solid choices for kids.

1. Crayola Treasure Adventures DS -  Kids can turn the DS stylus into over 100 Crayola Crayons and color over 100 pictures in the digital  coloring book. Players can also play mini-game classics like speed coloring, connect the dots and several jig saw puzzles.

2. Let's Draw! DS - Let's Draw! gives  players the ability to draw whenever they like and then bring the drawing to life with animation and sound. You could draw a rocket rising to the heavens or a bird chirping, the choice is yours. You can then play up to 10 different mini-games such as Car Racing or Air Hockey with the characters you've just drawn. This is one of the best kids DS games out there, as it really teaches your child how to draw.

3. Kids Learn Math: A+ Edition DS - Research has shown that using educational video games as a teaching tool can encourage the learner to take a more active role in the learning process. Kids Learn Math: A+ Edition allows players to learn by  playing 15 different progressively challenging mini-games over 5 categories. Each exercise has very detailed instructions explaining exactly what is expected out of the player during the game and encourages completion.  There are even settings that allow multi-player challenges between family and friends.

4. Bookworm DS - Join Lex the Bookworm for a challenging word game that encourages players to find words quickly before the letters burn up. Players attempt to quickly form words before the tiles burn up and the game ends. players can choose from over 20 themed books and unlimited levels, plus unlockable content. The game allows you to choose from three modes of play : wireless mutiplayer, action or classic. Bookworm for the DS  is an instant classic that just never gets old.

5. Kids Learn Spelling and Grammar: A+ Edition DS - We all know how much kids love to play video games, and research has shown that using video games as a teaching tool can help them learn easier. Kids Learn™ Spelling and Grammar was designed as such a learning tool for your 7 - 12 year old.  The game reinforces the players already learned spelling and grammar skills, and then expands on them. You can choose from two modes of play :  Exercise mode and Career mode. The player can practice their skills in Exercise Mode an then complete skills-based activities under time constraints in Career Mode. Players will also unlock more content the better they perform at the games. The game also automatically adjusts the skill level based on the players age.

6. Magic School Bus Oceans DS - In Magic School Bus Oceans players join Ms. Frizzle on a journey to the bottom of the ocean riding a magic school bus that has been converted for traveling under water. Players will enjoy 7 different educational games with just under 200 scientific interactions. There is also unlockable content that allows players to view previously not viewable areas of the ocean. You will learn hundreds of scientific facts about the ocean by the time you are done with the game.

7. Animal Genius DS - Animal Genius is an animal learning game that offers over 140 rounds of play and five very addicting game modes, each one with a different pattern. You will explore 5 different animal habitats such as - ocean, woodlands, rain forest, arctic and grasslands and view very high-quality photos of each animal in their environment. There is unlockable content and a fun trivia game that allows players to show off there newly found animal knowledge.

8. Digging for Dinosaurs DS - Digging for Dinosaurs allows you to discover fun facts and dispelling some myths about 21 different dinosaurs, then play games with them. You  get to unlock a playable game featuring the dinosaur that you just discovered and discover them in a new way. You could battle the legendary Tyrannosaurus Rex as a Triceratops or as other dinosaurs either hunting prey or taking flight in this awesome kids DS game.  Players will love learning the facts and then playing the dinosaur they just learned about.

9. Smart Boys: Gameroom DS - Smart Boy's : Game room was rated by the Children's Technology Review as one of the best preschool games ever made for the Nintendo DS.  Boy's will enjoy playing over 12  fun loving and engaging mini-games that will keep them preoccupied for hours. The game will introduce your preschooler as to how the DS functions while providing the parents with piece of mind by know their child is safely being introduced into the fun world of educational gaming.

10. Smart Girls: Playhouse DS - Smart Girls : Playhouse is a fun video game specially designed for young girls that gives them an educational gaming experience, in a safe learning environment.Players get to choose from 12 wholesome mini-games that will highlight their talents, and introduce them as to how video games work. Parents can rest assured that their child is playing a safe educational game that was designed keep their little one occupied for hours of learning fun.


Honorable Mention :

Dora the Explorer: Dora's Cooking Club DS - Dora's Cooking Club is a cooking simulation game for the Nintendo DS that was designed specifically designed for fans of the show Dora the Explorer. The game uses pre-K and Kindergarten math concepts in 30 fun mini-games that will have them making their favorite foods. Parents can track their child's learning progress and achievements.

Dora and Kai-Lan's Pet Shelter DS - Dora and Kai-lan are on a mission to help find lost pets, care for them and match them up with new loving families. You will need to keep your pets by grooming, feeding, playing and bathing and even potty-training them. You can play outside games with your pets and even dress them up in funny costumes. Players can teach pets new tricks and then reward their good behavior with a treat. You will need to correctly match each pet with a new adoptive family and then welcome them back for playdays.Dora and Kai-Lan provide Good clean age-appropriate fun for all.

Sesame Street: Elmo's A-to-Zoo Adventure DS - Join Elmo and all of his Sesame Street friends in a new DS game called Sesame Street: Elmo's A-to-Zoo Adventure. Players will join Elmo and friends and play a large variety of mini-games designed to promote letter identification, letter sounds, literacy skills and many more skills. The game provides some very easy to follow audio and video directions as kids play mini-games in a variety of environments, such as : the jungle,wetlands, savanna and water. The games difficulty level  is also adjusted based on the players age and skill level.

Sesame Street: Cookie's Counting Carnival DS - Join Cookie Monster and friends in a new adventure for the Nintendo DS called Cookie's Counting Carnival. Players will strengthen skills in counting, shapes, pattern recognition and many others while not knowing they are actually playing a learning game. Cookie Monster, Big Bird and all of their friends will join you on an educational journey through fun parts of the carnival such as the petting zoo, arcade, midway and the very popular grand stand. The game offers easy-to-follow audio-visual directions that will make playing each game a snap and learning to be carnival experts in no time.

The Wonder Pets!: Save the Animals - Your mission is to help the Wonder Pets rescue three animals in need of assistance in The Wonder Pets! - Save the Animals for your Nintendo DS. You will be able to turn your DS into a wonder tool by dragging, blowing,tapping and speaking into it as you perform such activities as building a rescue ladder, pulling a giant thorn from a tiger's paw  and even attempting to tow a large space capsule to safety.  You and the Wonder Pets will save the animals and the day together making it one of the best DS games for kids currently available.


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